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An amateur-oriented independent room with anonymous play is a worthy choice for a bam hunter


Unibet Poker was launched in 2004 as part of the Micrigaming Network (MPN). It existed there for ten years, after which it became independent on March 3, 2014. Unibet commented on the need for such an exit by implementing a different innovative policy for the development of poker, primarily as entertainment and creating a comfortable playing environment for fans. In this area, Unibet is a world leader, which provides one of the weakest glades of all European rooms and networks.

Since 2016, Unibet has been pursuing a policy of expanding its presence within the European gaming market. They bought the companies Pokerihuone, Stan James and 32 Red.

Despite the fact that Unibet currently does not accept new players from Russia, it has a website in Russian and a Russian-language support service, not only by e-mail, but also in chat. Unibet has an impeccable reputation and is distinguished by its attentive approach to all its customers.

Unibet Poker software review

The Unibet Poker client implements the principle of helping amateur players most fully of all European poker rooms. Its developer is Relax Gaming Limited. Landing for all cash tables and CIS is completely random. Any player can open up to 5 nicknames, with the ability to delete and play even from all five at the same time. The main window of the client is roughly half divided into three parts : at the top there are advertising banners, account balance, quick access to Yandex. Checkout, notification buttons, tasks, and quick access to all functions. In the middle - the game lobby. At the bottom - the current nickname of the player and buttons for completing current tasks.

There are no notes, chat for players, or the ability to set up betsizing. Even at minimal tables, you can clearly see the cards, stacks and bet sizes of players, so there are no special obstacles for multitabling. No poker software works here and is prohibited.

Traffic Overview

Unibet Poker, leaving the MPN network, took 30% of the traffic from it. At the moment, it is among the top poker rooms and surpasses its former network in terms of the number of players. The game at the Unibet tables is played in euros. The biggest traffic can be observed in the evening GMT.

In Eastern Europe, this time is 20-21 hours, but due to the large number of players from Northern Europe, the peak traffic stretches into the late evening and early night. Due to the special nature of the Unibet Poker client (the lobby does not show individual tables, but only the number of players at a certain limit), the total number of tables played can only be calculated approximately.

Texas Hold'em is played in Unibet only at 6-max tables, starting from the NL4 limit up to NL800. Omaha is played significantly less at Unibet Poker, with the same line of limits as Hold'em. On the two lowest levels - from 50 to 75 connections per limit. If the number of players changes without any sequence, such as PLO50 and PLO400, there may be more games than at lower limits.

In the lobby of Unibet Poker, there are push-fold hold'em tables-banzai (10bb purchase). They are represented by only three limits, the largest of which is NL20, and each of them usually has 2-3 tables.

CIS tournaments in Unibet only 5max and HU. The maximum limit is 100 euros. The game is played mainly before tournaments with a buy-in of €25. Between 10 and 20 tables are played simultaneously at these limits. Just like in the cache, players are placed randomly - the higher the limit, the longer the wait when filling the tables with players. SnG is turbo 5max. The maximum limit is 100 euros. At the two most expensive limits, the game is played sporadically. At 4 limits of up to 10 euros, there are up to 100 players for each limit. If you have a limit of 25 euros - up to 50.

Unibet has a lot of MTTs. The biggest daily tournaments have guarantees of 1-2 thousand euros with a price of 10-25 euros. The biggest Sunday event is a €20,000 Supernova with a €100 entry fee. In 2007, Unibet started holding a live series of Unibet Open, its Main Event hosts satellites with a draw of a package starting from 1 euro.

Rake on Unibet Poker

Unibet has one of the most interesting rake collection schemes. At low limits (up to NL10 inclusive) it is the lowest in modern online poker. Normal at the NL25 limit and above the standard limit starting from NL50.

A similar system is observed in rake at Omaha tables. If 2-3 people play at the tables, then the caps on it will be lower by 50%. Rake size in SnG: 5-max-5%, in HU-3%, at all limits.

Unibet Poker Rakeback

Loyalty Program

Unibet has its own loyalty system that is not based on rakeback, but on the number of flops viewed at certain limits for which players are awarded points that can be exchanged for bonuses, tickets and cash.

Registration Bonus

All Unibet players automatically receive a registration bonus of €200 after their first login to the client.

It is wagered in five installments after a certain amount of rake is collected:

rake €2-reward €1;

€10 - €4;

€50 - €15;

€150 - €40;

€588 - €140.

In general, this bonus is equivalent to 25% rakeback. The player is given two months to fully play it.


Rakeback Bank Surcharge

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