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PPPoker Clubs / PPPoker RakebackPPPoker is a mobile online poker platform similar to PokerMaster, but with a desktop client and English and Russian language support. Playing pppoker from a computer is just as convenient as from mobile devices. Playing for real money in PPPoker clubs takes place on game chips, the cost of which is set by the club owner. In American clubs, this is the dollar, in Philippine clubs-the peso, and so on. The owners of the club are usually well-known people from the gambling industry, the probability of a kick or non-payment is minimal here, unlike Asian applications. Also, club owners are interested in a clean game and the ecology of clubs, as otherwise they can be excluded from unions and in fact become bankrupt. We have selected the most reliable and profitable PPPoker clubs with good rakeback and fast payouts. We also GUARANTEE the SAFETY of your funds when playing in the offered clubs through us.

Deposits to PPPoker are made through our support service using Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, USDT, Bitcoin, cards of the Russian Federation and Ukrainian banks. Deposits are made immediately after your account is accepted to the selected club. Cashouts from PPPoker are available on Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, USDT, Bitcoin, cards of the Russian Federation and UKR banks and also do not take long.

Our affiliate also serves as managers in a number of clubs and has the ability to appoint agents independently. Become our agent at PPPoker, bring your friends, acquaintances, clients and earn income from your favorite game without any financial risk. Even if you have only a couple of friends who want to play with fish in the SPT, you can already get an agency account with special conditions and start earning right now. Please contact our support team to clarify all the details of the transaction.

PPPoker software review

The player plays from their own accounts by adding each of the accounts to any of the clubs they like. A deposit to PPPoker is made through an agent immediately after the account is added to the club. PPPoker cashouts are instant if you play from us.
To start playing pppoker you need to:
- Download the PPPoker client using the link from the site 
- Create a new account and assign the desired username in the settings
- Apply to PPPoker clubs, whose numbers will tell you our support (the number of accounts created from each device is limited – use your phone, laptop, etc. or just ask our support)
The software in PPPoker is quite simple to learn, has minimal settings and is quite convenient. The timebank is sufficient, there is a four-color deck, the ability to triple scroll the board. Hand2Note supports PPPoker software directly, HM2 / PT4 via a special converter.

Traffic Overview

Traffic in PPPoker varies – there are very small clubs with several tables, there are large unions with a large number of clubs included in them. You can choose the right club for you by taking a test account from our support team. The maximum limit in dollars is NL1000. Minimum NL10. Clubs with non-dollar chips may have lower limits. They play Hold'em, Omaha, and OFC. Also in the lobby there is SNG and MTT and sometimes there are very good tournaments. Usually in the clubs offered by us, there is a game on 2-3 tables at each limit. But do not worry, there are fans for each of them, and the competition of regulars is very low. Fast poker at PPPoker is found in some clubs, but is not popular. At the moment, we can offer you about 15 PPP clubs from the USA, Russia, Brazil, Europe, Australia, etc. Find out the conditions for each of them from our support team.

Rake on PPPoker

The rake in PPPoker is 5% with a 3BB cap. In Chinese poker, rake 3% with a 2BB cap. On the head-up tables, rake 3% with a 3BB cap. Rake is charged using a regular system, unlike other mobile apps.

Rakeback on PPPoker

Loyalty Program

Pppoker rakeback

Pppoker rakeback
Rakeback in PPPoker is different in each club – please check with our support team for details.

First Deposit Bonus

The usual PPPoker deposit bonus is missing, but some clubs offer jackpot promotions.

Supplement from Rakeback Bank

For more information about the PPPoker rakeback, please contact Telegram/E-Mail

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