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In 2020, the active development of mobile club applications continues, which we saw a boom in 2019. PPPoker, Upoker and Pokerbros became the most famous and interesting games for players. All the apps have their roots in Asian countries, although Pokerbros is primarily a place for American poker enthusiasts to play. 

But apps aren't always just related to Asia. At the end of 2018, an app for European Pokio players was launched. Unlike the above-mentioned appokas, Pokio poker is licensed by the Malta Gaming Commission and operates under a slightly different system of organizing the game. 

Players register personal accounts and must be verified before making a deposit, otherwise the deposit is simply impossible. The app has a common cash register, so the player does not have to make a deposit to each of the clubs – with the funds of his balance, he can play in any of the clubs where he was added. 

Skrill, Neteller, ecoPays, Visa and several other less popular methods are available for deposits and cashouts. Cashouts in Pokio occur at a pleasantly fast rate and usually last from 10 minutes to a day.

We offer you a game in the best unions of the app – the game here will surprise and delight you – the number of beginners and amateurs is off the scale at all limits.

Also, the owner of one of the clubs is Viktor "Isildur1" Bloom and you have a chance to fight with the legend at the PLO1k tables, where he often goes.

Pokio poker software review

You can play Pokio from mobile devices running Android and iOS (please contact our manager for installation instructions).
The game from your computer is available in the android client using the Nox emulator.
Statistics at the tables are not available, but at some tables you can see the basic stats of opponents by clicking on the player icon. However, there are converters for Pokio that allow you to use the usual trackers during the game.

The Pokio client can compete in convenience with all known applications, it is really very pleasant and comfortable. There are few settings – several types of tables and decks, but the main thing is that you can bind betsizing sizes that are convenient for you.

You can only play on one table, so Pokio is primarily a great option to add one super table to your main download or play from your phone while lying on the couch.

We do not recommend creating multiple accounts – the room checks this and the penalty for multiaccounting will be a ban and confiscation of funds.

The lobby consists of a club tab (by clicking on plus you can add a new club suggested by our manager), basic game statistics, a general lobby consisting of the tables of all the clubs you have added, a cash register tab and setting up a personal account.

Traffic Overview

Pokio clubs play in euros, mostly in the evening and at night in Europe, but during the day you can often find a table of the desired limit. 

Basically, the game takes place at the limits from NL20 to NL200, sometimes there are tables higher. The most active tables are Texas Hold'em, pot limit 4 and 5 card Omaha, and OFC. 

The table format varies from 6 max to 9 max. Some tables are played with ante, the value of which is indicated in parentheses after the limit is specified – pay attention to this when choosing a table for the game. 

Also in Pokio there are quite interesting multi-table tournaments, and the MTT lobby consists of both general pool tournaments, in which players of all unions can take part, and events of individual clubs. Sattelites are placed in a separate tab. 

All new Pokio players who have been verified receive a free ticket for the€250 Welcome Freeroll held every Sunday at 17: 30 CET (minus one hour from Moscow).

Rake on Pokio poker

The in-app rake is 5% with caps ranging from €0.5 to €3.5 depending on the limit and the number of people. You can always specify the rake number in the drop-down menu of the table by opening the Rules tab.

Pokio poker Rakeback

Supplement from Rakeback Bank

For more information about Pokio clubs and rakeback, please contact Skype/Telegram/E-Mail

First Deposit Bonus

The usual Pokio deposit bonus is not available, but new Pokio players who have passed verification in CE will receive a free ticket for€250 Welcome Freeroll held every Sunday at 17: 30 CET (minus one hour from Moscow).

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