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PokerKing is a poker room of the American Winning network aimed at Russian-speaking players. Entering the pool with Americans, PokerKing itself does not register Americans, which insures itself against punitive measures of American legislation, but gives us the opportunity to play with American online poker fans. At a time when all poker rooms are fighting for fish by cutting off the Hold'em Manager and rakeback, PokerKing is looking for other ways to attract both amateurs and regulars:

A nice interface with simple settings and a lot of shares, the ability to make deposits with bitcoins and a huge number of altcoins, attractive tournament series with a million sattelites. As well as direct support for trackers, a weekly rake race with a killer value, an extraordinary total rakeback percentage, and the ability to customize the client with additional software.

Those who have been familiar with online poker for a long time can compare PokerKing with Ipoker before the introduction of the SBR system.

The recently held Venom tournament with a record $ 5 million guarantee for online poker attracted many new American fans. Also, in the summer of 2019, a global software update was carried out , and a large number of bots were cleaned out - thanks to this, the fields softened, and the network ecology significantly improved.

PokerKing software review

The PokerKing client is a standard one, but with a number of features, minuses and pros. There are familiar settings for buy-in, auto-rebuy, time bank, and table position memorization. From the lobby, you can view players at the tables, there are waiting lists. The filter system is very simple. The tournament lobby opens in a separate window.

One of its most inconvenient features is the inability to recognize the hand dropped by the opponent on the showdan (as in live poker). In the standard table settings, you can choose among several options for decks, shirts, and tables. If you are not satisfied with them, there are several labels for the PokerKing client.

To customize the client for regular users, you can purchase the WPN Tools program. PokerTracker and Holdem Manager on PokerKing are supported without special converters.

Traffic Overview

PokerKing (PokerKing) as part of the Winning network, the largest public room where you can play with Americans. Although the most popular tables are standard for many 6-max cash tables in PokerKing (PokerKing) there is a small proportion of 9-max tables, cap-tables.

Up to the NL25 limit, up to 50 tables are collected in the lobby at peak times, and more than 20 at NL50-100. The more expensive game is played mainly at limits up to NL600 inclusive, where you can see up to 15 tables. The highest NL1K-NL2K limits collect up to 2-3 tables. In Omaha, there are 5 tables per limit up to PLO200. Up to PLO5K, up to 2-3 tables can be played at each limit.

At the highest limits - NL100-200, up to a dozen tables are played at peak times. The peak of traffic is the night and morning of Europe, but at other times you can find good tables for yourself

The recently introduced Blitz fast poker tables (similar to zoom on PokerStars) quickly became very popular at limits up to nl200.

PokerKing Rake

A solid weight contributed method - 5% on all limits.

Important note: no additional rake is charged for PokerKing promotions – all promotional fees are already included in the stated commission figures.

LimitRake from potCap 2 playersCap 3 playersCap 4 playersCap 5-9 players
up to NL400 $0.01 for every $ 0.20 in the pot $0.50 $1.00 $2.00 $3.00
NL400-NL800 $0.05 for every $1 in the pot $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $3.00
NL1000 and above $0.05 for every $1 in the pot $1.25 $1.75 $2.25 $3.00

PokerKing Rakeback

Loyalty Program

For every $1 rake generated at the cash tables, the player is awarded 5.5 Status Points (SP) - they are not exchangeable, but for each SP-point, the player also receives Royalty Points (RP), the number of which depends on the VIP level

Silver > 750SP = 12-14. 5%(monthly status)

Gold > 3000SP = 14.5%-20.5%(monthly status)

Platinum > 7500SP = 17.5-22% (monthly status)

Royal > 100 00SP = 26-46% (annual status)

King > 100000SP (annual status)

First Deposit Bonus

The bonus is given for 100% of the deposit amount from$ 25 to $ 1000, it is awarded 1 dollar for every $ 5 rake (27.5 Status Points SP) automatically and gives about 20% rakeback. No bonus code is required for making a deposit. Wagering time is 60 days. When depositing cryptocurrencies, you will receive a 200% deposit bonus, that is, for the maximum bonus, it is enough to make a deposit of $ 500.

Since the bonus is awarded in small segments, it is more profitable to make the maximum possible deposit to prevent the end of the bonus amount before the time of its validity.

The room periodically offers reload bonuses, usually timed to coincide with certain events.

Rake racing

The race results are weekly, and all cash players on all tables participate. Payouts depend on the amount of rake played during the week. To get into the race, you need to fill about $ 500-700 of rake per week, and the larger the amount of rake filled, the larger the payout amount. Race rakeback can be from 10 to 40%

Rakeback from RakebackBank

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The room attracts weak players and good software. Very high rakeback. I've been playing here for a long time. Satisfied
A lot of American fish on nl10 limits, I like the prompt response in technical support and convenient software
The room is no worse than others. A lot of games at different limits and cashouts on skrill consistently reach throughout the day
I am happy with the high rakeback - this is the main advantage of the room. I want to update the software. I read a lot of PokerKing reviews before the game
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