iPoker Italy Network

Italian reservation of the European Ipoker network with the usual software, but much more fans


Network Ipoker.it -the Italian division of one of the most famous European poker networks Ipoker poker rooms. This reservation includes six poker rooms and ranks third in Italy in terms of the number of games played.

Network Ipoker.it It is owned by Playtech and was established in 2010 after the Italian poker market was closed from the rest of the world. All rooms in the network Ipoker.it They are part of major European gambling companies that provide a wide range of games - casinos, betting, bingo, etc. It is from there that Ipoker network rooms receive traffic from weak players.

iPoker Italy network software review

Since 2016, all iPoker poker rooms have been running on a new version of the poker client. It differs from the old one by its more compact size and bright design. The client's main menu contains advertising banners and banners for the most frequently used types of games. The main disadvantage of this version of the software is the lack of waiting lists, but there are all the other options necessary for regular play - timebank, auto-call, setting the size of bets.

You can save your custom settings for selecting games in filters. Poker tables in Ipoker.it by default, they have three types of decks and cloth. They can be further customized using the iPoker Tools program. All layouts work only through it.

You can use iPoker Tools to convert stacks to big blinds, set up keyboard shortcuts, and set up table layout. All poker trackers work directly in it. During the game, you must use an Italian VPN.

Traffic Overview

The number of games played in Ipoker poker rooms in Italy reaches a peak in the late evening and on weekends. At this time, there are more than a thousand connections at the tables of its rooms. The game is played in euros.

Most cash games are played at 6-max no-limit Hold'em tables. Low limits up to NL10, inclusive, are represented by 10-20 tables for each limit. Of the average limits, NL50 is the most popular, where you can find 15-17 tables in the evening.

On NL100-200, there are up to 10 tables in the lobby for each limit. A more expensive game is available at the limits of NL500 and NLK, occasionally there are 2-3 tables.

Omaha is much less played at Italian Ipoker. There are usually no more than 20 tables at all limits. Among them, there are several limits PLO100-PLO200. From SnG tournaments to Ipoker.it The most popular lottery tournaments are Twister-the most expensive limit is €100.

Rake on the iPoker Italy Network

Starting with NL10, the rake size is 5.9% with caps from €1.5 to €3.5. At lower limits, the rake is just above 6%.

Rakeback to the iPoker Italy Network

Rakeback Bank Surcharge

Rakeback in Ipoker.it our players receive a special deal. Please contact our manager via Skype/Telegram/E-Mail to find out the terms and conditions for receiving rakeback in Italian iPoker and its size.

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