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Chico online poker room with the ability to play against players from the United States. Low traffic and good rakeback


BetOnline poker

BetOnline poker is an American bookmaker that started its work back in 1991. Over time, casinos and poker were added, turning BetOnline into a full-fledged online gambling operator. BetOnline poker room is part of the Chico network, which after the events of Black Friday became one of the few that allows you to legally play with Americans. The presence of a casino and a bookmaker's office ensures a regular influx of new fish that come to the poker tables in search of new sensations and adrenaline.

BetOnline poker software review

In 2016, all rooms of the Chico network switched to the game client from the company Connected Games. The client's lobby is designed in a white style. There are standard filters by game type and limits. There are waiting lists for cash tables. A significant disadvantage is the inability to configure the betslider.

Holdem Manager and PokerTracker work through a converter. The Hand 2 Note works directly. For a more comfortable game at the tables, you can use one of the many layouts.

You don't need a VPN for the game.

Traffic Overview

The Chico network is in the top 10 in terms of traffic size. Peak hours are evening in North America, which corresponds to late night-early morning in Europe. On weekends and holidays, traffic increases by about 20%. Almost all the action is concentrated at 6-max NLHE tables.
During peak hours, the number of tables is approximately as follows
· * NL25 - up to 20 tables ·
* NL50 - up to 15 tables;
· NL100 - NL200 - up to 10 tables per limit;
· NL400-NL1000 - about 5 tables per limit.

There is regular action in Omaha (PLO and PLO Hi-Lo) at limits up to and including PLO200. HU-there are no tables. The regular MTT grid is based on low-cost tournaments with buy-ins up to $20.

On weekends, there are more expensive tournaments with buy-ins up to $100. CIS traffic is low, but in 2018 there was a local analog of spins called SNG WindFall with 4 different buy-ins ($3, $7, $15, $30) and a maximum multiplier of x2, 000.

BetOnline poker Rake

All games are held in US dollars (USD).
In cash games-rake 5.5% with caps. In all MTTs, the rake is 10%, and it is also charged on rebays and add-ons.
In SNGs, the rake is 10%, with the exception of Hu SNGs, in which it is 5%.

Limit Cap (for 3 players), $Cap (for 4 players), $Cap (for 5+ players), $
NL10-NL200   2 2,5 3
NL500-NL1000   2 3 4
NL1000-NL2000   2 3 5

BetOnline poker Rakeback

First Deposit Bonus

The BetOnline first deposit bonus is given for the amount of 100% from$ 50 to $ 1000. It is paid out in installments of$ 5 and has a wagering time of 30 days. For every$ 5 bonus, you need to win$ 50 of rake (5000 Comp Points), respectively, wagering the bonus on the first deposit in BetOnline gives 10% of rakeback.

NEWBOLIn the process of making a deposit, you need to add Promo Codes: . If the promo code didn't work, you need to request it after making a deposit by writing an email to with the request-Hello. I made deposit. Please give me 100% poker bonus. My account B... (account numbers ).Thanks.

After the request, the bonus is credited to your account within 24 hours.

After the deposit, the money goes to the SPORT account.
To make money available in poker, click the "Transfer to Poker" button in the Cashier window of the poker client.
The bonus is displayed in the Yandex. Checkout window, in the Bonuses section.

4 $2,500 FIRST DEPOSITORS FREEROLL tickets are also given for the first deposit


The room regularly hosts leaderboards:
1) Daily rake race for SNG players only (Double or Nothing, Heads Up Sit & Goes or Windfalls do not participate) $ 500 prize pool for the top 25 ($100TM max prize). $ 1 rake = 1 point per race. In races, you need to register daily by clicking Opt-in in the Contests menu.
2) Three daily rake races, the first prize pool is $ 1000 for the top 25 ($200 for the first) all Cash games of all limits including NLH, OMAHA, BOOST participate, the second one is$ 500 for the top 10 ($180 for the first) only rake at PLO tables is counted in the race, the third one is$ 150 for the top 10 ($50 for the first one) only counts rake at BOOST tables. In races, you need to register daily by pressing Opt-in in the Contests menu.$ 1 rake = 1 point per race. For more information, follow the link to the promotion in the room.
3) Three weekly badbit races, cash games from NL25 limits and higher will participate, the prize pool will be proportionally divided into all those who have received points, the reward is paid in $Game Bonus, which can only be used in Cash games. In races, you need to register every week by clicking Opt-in in the Contests menu.

Periodic promotional reloadings

Additional buns from Rakebackbank

From April 1, 2021, Chico canceled the additional rakeback. But we have options. For more information, please contact Skype/Telegram/E-mail

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