Betfair Poker

Well-known iPoker network room with fair rakeback


Betfair Poker is part of one of the largest gaming companies in the world operating in this field since 1999. The poker room was opened in 2004 and has been independent for six years.

In 2010, Betfair Poker became part of Ongame. In 2013, due to the crisis in this network, Betfair became part of iPoker. Betfair Poker has an impeccable reputation and good traffic. Our players get a good rakeback in the room.

Since 2016, the room, like all other iPoker skins, has stopped accepting players from Ukraine. We have other great rakeback deals for them.

Since 2020, the room has also stopped accepting players from Russia and Estonia.

Betfair Poker software review

The modern Betfair Poker client from Playtech was released in 2016. All its lobbies are made in black.

The Home screen, which opens by default, is filled with panels with frequently used games. You can switch between different types of poker through the buttons of the horizontal menu, which includes bookmarks (cash, twister, speed, 6+ Hold'em, SnG and MTT).

There are three windows with filters for sorting tables in the game cache lobby. Unfortunately, there is no way to join the queue for the desired table.

When you hover the mouse over the player's avatar in the upper-left corner of the client, you can go to the Betfair Poker table settings. Here you can choose one of three options for the table, decks and their shirts.

In the settings item "table" - "configure betting buttons", you can change the size of bets. Tables of even minimal size have clearly visible cards, bet sizes, and player stacks. Up to 15 tables can be played simultaneously.

Trackers work directly with Betfair Poker.

Traffic Overview

Betfair Poker gathers a large number of mostly European players at its tables. Late at night, the total number of connections exceeds five thousand.

The most popular format is No Limit Hold'em short tables:
- all limits up to NL10 - about 40 tables;
-NL20 - about 10;
- NL50-about 15;
- NL100-about 15;
- NL200-7-8;
- NL400-5-6;
- NL600-2-3.

Occasionally, up to two NL1K tables can be assembled.

The local version of fast poker is Speed, which is most popular on NL20. In the evening, it can have up to 65-75 connections. NL5 has half as many players in peak mode

In Omaha, Betfair Poker usually has no more than 20 tables in total. Of all the limits, PLO20 has the most tables (up to 7-8). The most expensive game happens on PLO1K.

At Betfair Poker, you can play Hold'em with a short deck (6+). The highest limit is NL100 , where you can see a couple of tables in the lobby. The main part of the game (about 10 tables) is played on micro-limits.

Local Spins-Twister are played up to the limit of 100 euros.
The biggest daily MTTs in Betfair Poker are:
- €8,000 Championship for €50;
- €3,000 Master for €100;
- Night Club and Warm-Up-both with a €2,000 guarantee and a €50 contribution.

Main Sunday Tournament - €25,000 Sunday Premium for €50.

Betfair Poker Rake

In the cache:
NL2-NL10 - 6.67% with caps up to €2;
- NL20 and above - 5% with caps from €2 to €4.

For all Twister limits, the commission is 7%.


Betfair Poker Rakeback

Fixed rakeback for RakeBack Bank players

Our Betfair Poker players receive a fixed rakeback of 35% of their real rake. In addition to these payments, they can also receive other bonuses for the room's promotions.

Betfair Poker Promotions

1) Total rake race €15k per month
2) Rake race €5k per month, split into 2 parts for cash players micro limits up to NL / PLO20
3) Race €2500 for MTT players
4) Mini & Micro Twister €5,000 race divided into 2 stages of 2 weeks
5) SNG & Twister €7,500 race
divided into 2 stages of 2 weeks
6)iPoker TwisterRaces €50,000

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